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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 26, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EST

11:00 am >> reporter: at this walmart in alexandria, virginia, shefls are topped with toys from "toy story" to legos. along with their big boxed rivals, they'll have competition from toys "r" us. and after opening 90 seasonal pop-up stores last year, they brought back that concept and then some. >> this year, other opening over 600 express stores in malls and shopping centers. it's to make it even more convenient to shop at toys "r" us. >> reporter: whatever it is, shoppers will go searching. >> there my yet be that dark horse that comes on and the kids are going to want. >> reporter: because toy fads come and go, but holiday memories can last forever. >> good luck at you hit the stores this black friday. i'll see you throughout the weekend. tony harris up next with more.
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-- captions by vitac -- try not to end up battered and bruised. be polite. don't worry, don't hurry. take care. >> have a good one. >> live from studio seven, the news and information you need for this friday, the 26th of november. door buster deals, blockbuster bargains. shoppers hoping to cash in on the hot items. from shopping and spending to america's dirty little secret, debt, we will talk with the money coach about how to dig your way out and get control of your finances. and she fights to save young girls from sex traffickers. >> mother teresa knew me well.
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if they were there, they would be very happy about it. >> right here, right now in the cnn news room. the stores are open, the lines are long. the holiday shopping season shifts into overdrive. 138 million people expected to shop. some stores got an early start kicking off deals last night. the national retail federation predicting a 2.3% increase in holiday sales. we're talking flat screen tvs, gaming consoles, ipads, ipods, electronics are among the hottest black friday items and our marty savidge has been handling them at a best buy here in atlanta. good to see you. here's the question. are shoppers finding the deals they're looking for? >> reporter: i think they are, tony. we got here this morning, hundreds were in line.
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it was very dark, very miserable and sure enough, a fight broke out, which i'm right in the middle of. this is the newest game. from x-box connect. jason's pounding on me. what do you think of this? >> i think the game looks like a lot of fun. you're not using a controller. >> reporter: and you're beating the living daylights out of me. how are you spending this year? >> i'm spending less, times are tough. haven't lost my job fortunately. just have to try to get most of your money. >> reporter: thank you, jason. want to show you this as we make our way to another department. this, by the way, these are the another hot topics. these are the e-readers. the video games are always popular, but the e-readers are newer and it seems they're at the top of everybody's list. then the tried and true favorite, computers. computers have been the hottest
11:04 am
sellers. you know, they've been out for a long time. lots of specials and ann over here, we want to join you real quick. hello. how are you doing this morning? >> good, how are you? >> reporter: good. what time did you start? >> a half hour ago. >> reporter: can you believe that? doesn't shen the black friday routi routine? are you finding my deals? >> a few. we're looking for a computer today. >> reporter: how is this year's holiday shopping going to compare with last? >> i'm not really sure. i don't shop too much on black friday because i usually have to work, but the crowds aren't too bad right now. >> reporter: you going to spend more, less? >> probably more. >> reporter: good to hear. thank you very much. lot of people have been saying they're going to spend a little bit more. jason was a bit nervous and a lot of people are paying cash, at least that's what they're telling us. they don't want to get those after holiday bills, so some say
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they saved up. the crowds are down now. they were heavy earlier in the day and again, as we point out, the electronics always seem to be a perennial favorite. >> yeah, absolutely. it's the truth. it's item one, two, three and four on the christmas list from my kids and so i've got to get out there to that best buy where you are, marty. thank you so much. macy's in new york. let's take that trip . opened at 4:00. poppy harlow of was there. she has some tips on how to shop smart this season. >> reporter: a lot of people are coming for the novelty. we want to tell people, especially if your budget is tight, there are things you need to pay attention to. you may be enticed by the deals to go into the stores. first of all, what you want to think is make a list. make a list of everything you're
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spending. don't be fooled, also, by coupons. you're going to get a lot for black friday and going forward. these deals are going to continue. starting today is that beginning of that critical shopping season. it goes until december 27th. saudi security forces have arrested 149 suspected al-qaeda members. ministry officials say it happened over an eight-month period and those arrested for members of 19 active terror cells. they were allegedly plotting attacks on oil refineries. three cow sins lost at sea have been found thin and dehydrated, but alive. the boys drifted 750 miles across the pacific ocean before being spotted by a tuna boat a couple of hundred miles from fiji. their rescuers spoke to
11:07 am
"american morning." >> they were able to catch rainwater, a sea bird. i still don't know how they did it and they won't tell me their secret. >> boy, the boys had been given up for dead. the families held a memorial service two weeks ago. federal agents find another half mile drug tunnel in california, this one leading from a house in tiajuana, mexico. another look at how black friday shoppers are operating here. clearly, neither rain nor cold nor dark of night could keep determined shoppers from lining up early, so just how much are shoppers expected to shell out? the national retail federation predicts about $447 billion will be spent this season. this weekend alone, retailers expect to do about $41 billion in business.
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the two koreas are closer brink of war, that from north korea. the drills followed tuesday's shelling of a south korean island by the communist north. the attack killed four south koreaens and injured 15. chris lawrence is joining us now. here's my question for you. how is a clearly blinlg rant north korea expected to react? >> it appears they have reacted. just today, what we're observed
11:11 am
on the north korean mainland were whisps of smoke and artillery fire was heard on the north korean mainland and near that island, the south korean island that was artillery shelled just a few days ago. it appears to be from observers that this was some sort of north korean artillery test. again, just another sort of provocative action. you know, coming very shortly after this last one. even now, it seems to be even more provocative when you understand that the u.s. commander of military forces there was on that island touring some of the damage when these fresh artillery shelling was heard. nothing landed, but again, just another sort of act by north korea. in terms of response, you know, when you look at what's happening in south korea now, they fired the defense minister. there was a plan to cut the size of the marine corp. that's been scrapped. instead, they're going to
11:12 am
bolster their ground forces in that area and most importantly, probably, they're going to completely revise their rules of engagement to sort of up the stakes in terms of their response next time this happens. >> and chris, anything in official sound from anyone talking about what's scheduled to happen beginning tomorrow? >> well, we know that sunday, the -- we know that the u.s.s. george washington is on its way. it's a nuclear powered aircraft carrier surrounded by a small fleet of ships. there's about 7,000 american say lors taking part in this training exercise with the south koreaens. i spoke with one expert who said the fact they have responded calm by up to this point is no guarantee they will down the road. >> when you shell another country with artillery, you are pushing the envelope and sooner or later, the south koreans are
11:13 am
going to respond. what is at stake is much larger than a military altercation with the north. because every time the north provokes, it causes the stock market to drop in south korea. it affects concerns about the safety of seoul as both an investment hub and as a tourist destination. and as a host for global mega events. >> so, again, bottom line, 7,000 american sailors, u.s. aircraft carrier, all moving into that area for training exercises starting sunday. no idea how north korea is going to react. >> i know you will be watching it closely. a woman in north carolina is alive today because of this acting 3-year-old. we will hear her 911 call. nds. together we'll make her holiday. that's why only zales is the diamond store. where you'll get an extra 15% off storewide
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have built a new facility to identify the most productive strains of algae. algae are amazing little critters. they secrete oil, which we could turn into biofuels. they also absorb co2. we're hoping to supplement the fuels that we use in our vehicles, and to do this at a large enough scale to someday help meet the world's energy demands. stories our affiliates from across the nation are covering. north carolina, a 3-year-old girl is being hailed a hero. she called 911 after her mother collapsed. listen to the life-saving call. >> i saved my mommy's life. >> wow, the toddler even opened the door to let the paramedics in. in nevada, former hollywood madame and reality tv star heidi
11:16 am
fliss escaped unharmed after her home caught on fire and a big finish at the turkey trot race in cleveland, ohio. a runner proposed to his girlfriend moments after crossing the finish line. how nice is that? he dropped to one knee with the ring while wearing a t-shirt that read, will you marry me katie. of course, she said yes. it is black friday and you're watching tv, but are you at home or in the store?
11:17 am
so, just how many of you will be shopping today? the national retail federation estimates 138 million people will be at stores and malls
11:18 am
today for black friday. love this story. it is kids day at the new york stock exchange and it's black friday of course. sounds like a good time to talk about toys. alison kosik is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. look at you with all the babies. what are these kids hoping to get this holiday season? >> now that is the question everybody's asking. for retailers and toy makers, it's all about what these kids say that matters because it's what their bottom line comes down to. toy makers like hasbro and mattel, their sales are really important this time of year. they make more than 30% of all sales for the year in the last three months of the year. so, what do kids want? well, boys apparently want video games the most. then legos and for girls, it's all about dolls. dolls, dolls, dolls, but video
11:19 am
games is really the way to go this year. will, do you agree? >> yes, i agree. >> he agrees here. he concurs. what about you? what do you want, kevin? >> a professional camera. >> he doesn't do the riffraff of the legos. he's all grown up. got himself a trader jacket here. even runs this -- do you run a stock pool at school? >> at my school, other schools, there's this thing called the stock market game. it's just a bunch of groups, you know, about two or three people in each group and you get a name and everything. and it's really fun. you enter stocks and everything. >> he's 13 years old, by the way. >> he's on the fast track. >> he's already to give us the numbers. what's the dow doing today? >> it's down 77. >> how about the nasdaq? >> down 5. >> he's on his way to taking my
11:20 am
job. there you go. the rough day for the markets, but these kids are bringing up the spirits here on the floor. >> he is fast tracking. that's for sure. appreciate it. thank you. young people, give us a wave. give everybody a wave. where are they going? give everybody a wave at home. >> they're going. i'll wave. i'm on a box. i'll step down. they're talling than me. >> bye. the turkey trot in dallas didn't go so well for the boys. ed lavandera saw his team lose to the saints on turkey day. no laughing matter for you yesterday, ed. it's big play time next.
11:21 am
11:22 am
for those of you who plopped on the couch for a little post dinner game watching, the cowboys and saints, that was a great game. ed lavandera took his drumstick to the game with him. tell us about that stadium. that's a fabulous looking stadium. it cost like a gazillion dollars, but what is it like to watch a game in there? >> you know what? i tell my friends it's like the biggest nightclub in america. that is very little to do with football. just a giant nightclub. there's lounges and bars and people dressed as beautiful as they can be. it was a good game and a brutal way to end thanksgiving for us here. >> tell us about the big play in that game. it looked like the cowboys were on their way. roy williams with a ball in his hands for what would -- the score that would put the game away and then what happened? >> well, i'm going to tell you a
11:23 am
little secret about what i think happened, tony. this has not been reported anywhere. i was at the game, invited by some very dear friends, one of those end zone suites. i was living large yesterday at the game and roy williams was right there, running right toward me. he went to the university of texas as i did. i've got the horns flashed at him and out of nowhere, that saints guy comes in -- >> that jenkins guy. >> and stole the ball from him and i couldn't believe it. but i kept thinking that roy williams could see me flashing the hook of horns sign at him and i hope i wasn't the one who distracted him. >> it was also a day where you saw your beloved long horns essentially cement the first losing season in a decade or something, right? >> 1997, tony.
11:24 am
1997. you know, this is what happens and no one worse to do this to. i don't know if you guys follow roland martin and myself in the twitter world, but roland and i have had this tradition where we just talk an endless amount of smack. we've done it on e-mail for years, but this year, we went public. man, that guy can talk a lot of smack. it just real, really gets old. >> what happened to your team this year? come on. >> i don't know. tony, it's hard to imagine that less than a year ago, i was sitting at the rose bowl watching these guys play for the national championship, and now, we're at this. so big changes in store for my long horns in the offseason. as i like to say that even when we lose, we get to stay in austin while the long horns and aggies got to drive back to college station. >> will you watch the iron bowl today? the big aushen, alabama game?
11:25 am
>> i don't have much to do with auburn, but for those of us have nothing to do with alabama, tcu is just down the road. if you hate the bcs, you're probably rooting for alabama. is that right? >> look at ed lavandera bringing it on sports. from texas. it's great to see you as always, man, and you are tweeting about this today. good to see you. >> i've got no aggie friends out there in the twitter world. >> absolutely not. why wait in line this holiday season when you can shop online. sandra will point you toward some of the best deals on the web.
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and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. what a day. the shoppers were up before the sun for this morning's black friday rush, but if you want to stay clear of the stampede. look at this. look at this. if you want to avoid that, sandra endo has some tips for shopping from the comfort of your home computer. what do you have for us? >> that's right. avoid the crowds, but all the traffic is on those virtual highways, tony. people are streaming online to get those deals and there are a ton of bargains out there. so many stores are offering a ton of deals online.
11:29 am
80% of retailers are offering special online deals this friday. you can go to sites like this one where you can really comparison shop. a site like this offers your links to several different stores so you can find the item you're looking for and see the prices. also, if you're in social media, facebook, twitter, they offer their followers special discounts as well online, but you want to make sure you shop online and be safe about it. look out for those restocking fees. you want to make sure you can return something to get your full refund. also, don't shop using public wi-fi. don't wire money to pay. use your credit card, not your debit card and beware of those essential network urls. you want to actually access a viable link, not something that links you to something else. some safety tips there and i
11:30 am
think that personally, the best thing about online shopping is that when i buy your gift online, i can ship it right to you, it will get there my christmas all gift wrapped. i don't have to carry around with me until the next time i see you. >> big smile. great, great tips. let's put that on the blog page great tips. we will see you next hour. thank you. and you know, there are some move you just can't buy online. we're going to show you a break dancing boy genius. you won't believe it. we're back in a moment. s. we can make it a weekend of trading up, piling high, and saving even more. doors open bright and early. see you there. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of christmas morning. get a maytag washer or dryer for -- you ready for this? -- 249 bucks. that's $300 off the pair.
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bargains, you might be tended to spend a little bit too much. to help you, we are focusing on america's dirty little secret, debt. our guest is here to help you, lanatte cox is with us. she's on skype from jeffersonville, vermont. good to see you. thanks for taking time to talk to us. let me start here with you. you're going to give us in just a couple of moments, tipps on hw to avoid stacking up debt over the next six weeks or so, but my understanding is that you racked up over $100,000 in debt. first of all, how did you do that? >> and how did i get out of it? >> you know, tony, really like a lot of people are about to do this holiday shopping season, i was just a classic overspender. you know, i've actually written a book about this called zero
11:33 am
debt, the ultimate guide to financial freedom. in 2001, i had $100,000 in credit card debt. paid it off in three years, never missed a payment. a lot of people who are overspenders can drive themselves into debt. there's another group of people who also get into debt because of circumstances. things like divorce, downsizing or death in the family. >> so, dwoent want to spend the next 12 months paying off the next six weeks. one of the things you say is make a new year's resolution to say not to sabotage yourself while shopping. explain that for us. >> that's right. i really think that all the folks making new year's resolutions january 1st should let that start today or even yesterday. a lot of resolutions are related to fixing one's finances or to
11:34 am
wait. people who want to lose pounds in the new year, but this six-week period before january 1st is the time when people do the single most damage to themselves, packing on the pounds and overspending. so, if you start right now, and think about ways you can reduce overspending, reduce your debt, you'll give yourself a head start and you won't sabotage your efforts to get ahead in 2011. >> i want to get to one more, which i think is really one of the best tips here. you say if you're going to the malls, take a budget, a buddy and a stopwatch. >> that's right. those three things can help you to avoid overspending and going into debt. listen, here's your budget. it's your preset limit of what you can afford to spend in cash. without having to whip out that plastic and put yourself in a plastic prison. the buddy you're going to bring along, that's the person who's
11:35 am
going to remind you about your preset limit and take you out of the mall, tony, if necessary, drag you kicking and screaming to say, that's it. you hit your limit. that stopwatch is an audible reminder for you. i find that so many people who go shopping, especially this time of year, they not only lose track of how much they spend, they lose all track of time, so when you're closing out the stores constantly and spending hours upon hours upon hours shopping, you can do some serious damage and wind up in debt, so that stopwatch, just set it for an hour, maybe two maximum and when it rings, that's your remipder, it's time to go. >> you totally rock this segment. good stuff. happy holidays to you. >> thank you. same to you. one man says quote, black friday symbolizes the most absurd. reverend billy from the church of life after shopping is preaching for you not to spend
11:36 am
your money on things you don't need. deb fayerick talks to him at 1:00 earn.
11:37 am
snowfall turned thanksgiving day into a winter wonder land for people in parts of pennsylvania. you're looking here at salisbury township. even philly saw some flurries, but that changed to mostly rain. karen, good to see you. happy holidays. we've got rain in some cases, freezing rain along the earn sea board. >> yeah, and this is really going to be very different and that we've got a frontal system actually moving across the
11:38 am
eastern sea board. as it does, it pulls out across the atlantic. but behind it, we've got an area of low pressure here. this is going to sweep lots of cold air across the northeast and new england, but here is the key. as we watch that system move away and the winds start to move in, the wind will come out of the west. there's winds out of the west are going to produce much cooler temperatures. take a look at this. between 10 and about 25 miles an hour, but for the most part, we will expect those temperatures to start dropping. maybe places like baltimore, new york and boston. have probably seen their max temperatures for today. into the eastern great lakes, we'll expect plenty of snowfall, as much as a foot in some areas and another system will move into the pacific northwest, bringing the snow levels down there. i want to show you what happens as we move to sunday, the busiest air travel day of the year. and the eastern sea board looks
11:39 am
fine, but across the interior west, the rockies we've got a system that is going to be quite wild. >> let's end the holiday on a good, good note. video that you've got to see this morning. check this out. you've probably seen break dancing moves like this ones this guy's working on, right? but now watch him getting worked by this 8-year-old pop and lock prodigy. now that's how it's done. have some. this is america, man. home of the highway... last minute detours and spontaneous acts of freedom. ♪ we're wanderers. wayfarers. even nomads. so doesn't it just make sense that we build an electric car... that goes...far. really far. ♪
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bee happy. bee healthy. a tang teenager decided he wants to live life to its fullest after a devastating brain tumor diagnosis. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: 17-year-old zack is a high school football player in maryland. he's loves sports for years, but he's no ard nar player. he was just 11 when his entire world came crashing down. >> i started experiencing terrible, terrible headaches. i'd had headaches before, but these were just unreal. >> reporter: migraines, his
11:43 am
parents assumed, but an mri found a tumor as large as a walnut. the diagnosis was devastating. >> our son was not going to make it, he had a short time and was going to take a turn for the worst. >> reporter: but he hung on, had four brain operations in one week, put in a coma and spent three months hospitalized and in rehab. >> here i am at 11 years old, wearing diapers and learning how to walk. >> reporter: a small piece of the tumor is still there, doctors think it's dead and disintegra disintegrating. but he never let this stop him from playing high school football. after three years as team manager, the coach talked about getting him in for one play, but he wanted to play on a regular bas
11:44 am
basis. >> i want to prove to everyone that e every obstacle is able to be overcome. >> reporter: his parents agreed to let him play and now, he wears a special helmet with 18 shock absorbers. zack refuses to live his life in a bubble. >> it's not about never getting knocked down. it's about getting back up and so the fact that i did get back up and have become what i am and done everything that i would dream of doing, i think i'm all better because of it. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. now here is a woman who is a true hero. >> please try to respect the youth and do something for the youth. they are the ones who are going to build our next generation. >> what this petite woman from nepal is going to save an entire generation of girls. she is our cnn hero of the year.
11:45 am
she is absolutely unbelievable and you will meet her next. gecko: gd news sir, i jugot ae
11:46 am
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11:47 am
cnn's hero of the year, anuradha koirala, she is a petite woman from nepal who has rescued thousands of girls from sex slavery. watch as one woman turns so many lives around.
11:48 am
>> india, no, you don't -- now, she's traumatized. she's pregnant, also and was taken to india, so she cannot see anything. sheez these children who have come back, you know, broken legs with hiv positive, and they're 14, 13, which is very sad. they're still child, you see. it becomes a save haven for them. it becomes a home, their own place where they can now stay, work and be happy and enjoy the rest of their life. they call me -- that means the elder sister. i'm very proud of that that the
11:49 am
children, really, really want me. we are doing awareness programs in the villages. you go from door to door campaigning. when the trafficker comes, he never says, i want to take your child and make her a prostitute. he says, there is a big job in the city. we have message for everyone. so we are trying to educate all of them and say that trafficking is inhuman. just imagine what would happen if your daughter was standing there and if your daughter was there, what would you do? how would you fight? you have to join hands. you have to take each child as your daughter.
11:50 am
♪ >> i want society free of human trafficking. i hope i will make it happen one day. if anyone can make it happen, this woman can. i spoke with her after she won the cnn hero of the year award. that interview is next.
11:51 am
11:52 am
♪ i absolutely love this performance. i want to show it to you in its entirety. music powerhouse john legend, you simply must see his performance at cnn's "heroes: an all-star performance." we will bring it to you in its entirety next hour. it is such good stuff. plus, the miracle at sea. three teenage boys found alive after missing for 50 days. we will look at what they did to survive. that's at the top of the hour. cnn "newsroom." ring ring ring ring
11:53 am
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northland. the power of dark fruit. her work in nuclear weaponal means everything to tens -- in nepal means everything to tens of thousands young girls sold into slavery. anuradha koirala took away this year's cnn hero of the year award and check for $100,000 for her cause. i spoke with her about whatten spires t -- what the inspires her work with these young girls. the moment after you hear your name read off as the cnn hero of the year, what was your first thought? >> the first thing i thought was about my children at home. and i thought about everybody was there -- and i thought i wish everybody was there. and i remembered personally, i
11:56 am
had remembered two person. one, my mother. one, mother teresa, whose footsteps -- i'm trying to do a little bit of what she was trying to do so i remember these people and said because you both of them -- my mother, she made me so big and raised me. but mother tre teresa also knew personally well. i thought if both of them were there, they would have been very happy about it. >> that's terrific. talk to us about what it is you're able to do for a young girl who you've rescued from one of these brothels. and they come to you emotionally destroyed. what is that you do for them? >> we first, when they come the next day, we try to ask them who were their traffickers, who had taken them. sometimes they definitely give us the right address. and if it is in the city of
11:57 am
kathmandu or nearby, we start immediately looking for the trafficker. because as you know, traffickers may rent this room, and if he says of girl, he may change the room. but sometimes these people are foolish. they don't change the place. so when we go we catch hold of them and bring them and hand them over to -- the police goes with us, and we hand them over to the police, and the case goes in the court. so when the case goes in the court, the girl is very, very satisfied when she gets hold of the trafficker. then after that, we start doing counseling to her. and because the cases in the court takes about one to 1 1/2 year, she cannot go back to her village because she has to be present in the court. otherwise, the case becomes hostile. so during that period, we give them different kind of development training.
11:58 am
skill level training is you do not do the stereotype. we are doing different types. now we are doing electricity repair, then we are doing carpentry, we are doing flooring, bakery, housekeeping. all a new type of trainings they are giving to the girls because these girls are very -- very few of them have gone to school. say about 3% goes to school. otherwise no one has gone to school. >> in your acceptance speech, you are pleading for an end to trafficking. what ultimately will it take for you to sort of realize that sdple dream? >> everybody knows, when all get united, when all of us get united -- and this is the right time, i think, when there is a big attention of the global attention of sex trafficking, from all sectors, if we get if
11:59 am
we get together we can really stop it. >> it's great to you. congratulations. >> thank you. >> we love the work that you're doing. and i hope you get everything you want out of it and that you can get the help that you need in ending trafficking. you're terrific, and congratulations on being the cnn hero of the year. >> thank you. thank you, thank you. hello again, everyone, i'm tony harris. top of the hour in cnn "newsroom." here are some of the people behind the top stories. rescue at sea. three teenage boys given up for dead lost at sea for 50 days finally found. you will hear from the man who rescued them. lining up and eager to spend. holiday shoppers gets an early start. the big question -- will their spending be enough to lift the struggling economy? [ yelling ] okay. turkey trouble. pretty serious, right? a thanksgiving mishap that gave the whole family indigestion.
12:00 pm
a semi scary, completely -- trust me -- hilarious report from one of our cnn ireporters. and let's get started. trust me this. with our lead story. we will get to the black friday sales and tensions on the korean peninsula in just a moment. we start with this amazing story of survival. throw boys lost at sea for 50 days, 50 days. authorities declared them dead. their families even held funerals for them. but then they were found, starving, of course, dehydrated to be sure, and sunburned. but very much alive. they were drifting 240 miles off the coast of fiji when a crew member on a boat spotted them. >> the first impression of seeing them was just devastating. your heart dropped. [ inaudible ]
12:01 pm
they are -- their willpower was incredible. they had smiles. we did get them on board. we're taking a route that we actually never would take. it's just pure chance, miracle. you can die after two days. >> here's the thing. two weeks ago relatives of the teens held a memorial service. now they're planning a celebration of thanks. >> the village will have to go and give thanks to god in the church. the thing first the village is going do, i think. and then we'll celebrate and have a big feast. >> so the fishing boat would not usually have -- would not have
12:02 pm
even been in the area, but the fishing boat found the missing boys, obviously just in the nick of time. chad myers is here. chad, first of all, where were they found? >> in an aluminum dinghy. >> yeah. >> basically an oversized bathtub floating on the water. as they left the island, this island here, a beautiful atoll. water in the middle and all this. but they were 750 miles from where they were literally supposed to be. they were searched for for days and weeks by the new zealand air force and all this. never found them. and they drifted so far away that they were closer to fiji than they were to where they left, 250 miles from fiji. 70 miles from -- these kids were drifting -- kids literally, 14, 15, 13 -- were drifting in the ocean. had a couple days with rain. they drank the rain water. they caught a shore bird
12:03 pm
somehow. they ate the -- the bird raw. but you in the past couple of days, they were starting to drink ocean water because they just couldn't deal with it anymore. that is deadly. literally deadly. >> yes. >> had this gone on for a couple more days without being found, the drinking of the salt water would have literally killed them. hawaii, the u.s. let's go here. how far did they actually drift? all the way from sioault ste. marie, up over niagara falls, back over here to the thousand islands area. another idea. new york city all the way to bermuda. the florida keys, all the way down to port-au-prince. this is how far they floated. there wasn't a boat, there wasn't a sail. they literally bobbed along the ocean. they said the weather was horrific at times and the boat nearly cap sized more than once. 50 days out there with nothing to eat. they using -- they had rations in the boat. they used them in two days.
12:04 pm
somebody will find us. they never did. >> that is -- that is a miracle. >> good stuff. >> yeah. good. good stuff. yeah. >> this is the second one. i remember one a couple of weeks ago. >> we were talking about that, as well. chad, appreciate it. see you litter in the hour. checking other big stories we're following -- saudi security forces have arrested 149 suspected al qaeda members. interior ministry officials say it happened over an eight-month period, and those arrested were members of 19 active terror cells. they were allegedly plotting attacks on oil refineries and military sites. most of the suspects are saudi nationals. new war rhetoric coming from north korea as the u.s. and south korea get ready to start joint military exercises this weekend. the drills follow tuesday's shelling of a south korean island by the communist north. the attack killed four south koreans and injured 15. north korea says, "the situation on the korean peninsula is inching closer to the brink of war due to the reckless plan of those trigger-happy elements to
12:05 pm
stage, again, the war exercises targeted against north korea." federal agents find another half-mile drug tunnel in california. this one leading to a house in tijuana, mexico, to a house in san diego. it is not far from a similar tunnel agents found earlier this month. they've made several arrests and seized marijuana. black friday means 138 million people hitting the stores today. poppy harlow is live from the crowd crunch at macy's in new york. first, though, a random moment in 90 seconds. ♪ sally, i'm gonna need 40 copies, obviously collated ♪ what's going on? when we're crunched for time, brad combines office celebrations with official business. it's about efficiency. [ courier ] we can help. when you ship with fedex, you can work right up until the last minute. it gives you more time to get stuff done. that's a great idea. ♪ i need to speak with you privately ♪ ♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ everyone! ♪ i found your resume on the printer ♪ [ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who gives you more time.
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12:07 pm
well, it is almost as much a part of the thanksgiving tradition as the sweet potatoes and the cranberry sauce. that's right, overcooking the turkey. and this guy we're about to show you -- way, way, way overcooked the bird there year. it is our random moment. check out this ireport. [ yelling ] don't! >> the turkey! >> listen -- get out of there! >> go away. >> kelly! >> no! [ yelling ] >> stop! kelly! [ bleep ] >> get the turkey out of there. [ screams ] >> open the door. >> it's open. it's open. >> okay, here's the good news. despite the grease fire, the turkey was actually salvagable. you know, it kind of remind me
12:08 pm
of another classic bungled bird. remember the scene from "a christmas story"? ♪ [ crash ] >> okay. all right, all right. couldn't resist. all right. so the only way to perhaps ease the stress of cooking that holiday turkey is to go out and do some shopping. according to the national retail federation, the majority of us plan to pick up a little something for ourselves while we are out there. how much will the average person spend on themselves? you see the choices -- around $50, $100, or more. we'll have the answer ahead. that first job launched my career. since i've been with the company, i've been promoted ten times over the span of 11 years. today, i'm a divisional learning and development manager. we can actually help people develop in their own careers. my job allows me to make a difference in the lives of almost 100,000 associates in the northeast.
12:09 pm
if you think about it, that's almost 8 times the size of my hometown. my name is nick and i work at walmart. ♪ so just before the break, we asked how much do holiday shoppers say they plan to spend on themselves this holiday season? what do you think? according to shoppers surveyed by the national retail federation, people plan to spend $107 on themselves. let's see some of these live pictures. we have one from atlanta here. the best buy in atlanta -- all
12:10 pm
right. okay. all right. is this tape or live pictures? it seemed to freeze. live pictures? okay. this is the best buy. i believe this is on cobb parkway, if you're familiar with atlanta at all. just out the perimeter 285. our thanks to our affiliate, wgci. i think it's a live picture. just freezing a little bit. folks, perhaps, spending with loved ones, spending on themselves, as well. 138 million people expected to shop on this block friday. thousands of them were waiting outside macy's in new york early this morning. poppy harlow of is there. are people willing in your smag, based on what you've heard from folks, to spend a lot based on the state of the economy? >> reporter: they are, tony. you know, it's phenomenal. we got here very, very early. 4:00 a.m. is when the doors opened. and i got to tell you, there were 7,000 people, 7,000 people
12:11 pm
outside this macy's. you see a lot of them -- hi, guys! a lot of them crowded behind me, very excited to be here. that 7,000 number is actually up from 5,000 last year. so the situation so far in terms of shopping is looking a little better. now i think the big question is, are people really spending, or are they just in the stores as part of the novelty of it? and a lot of people are here just to see what kind of deals there are. they're comparing with what's on line. we still have cyber-monday coming up, as well. but i want to bring in two of our first-time black friday shoppers. come on, guys. we have alicia and nathan. now, i think nathan is just terrified by all the crowds and all the people. but you're buying a lot, right? >> she's buying. i'm here for moral support. carrying the bags. >> reporter: what are you spending on? are you spending on yourself, gifts? i know you're up from tennessee just for this. >> just for this. i feel bad, but it's kind of just for me today. i don't know why i'm doing that. i was all about getting presents for everyone else. not happening. all for me. >> reporter: she's got a lot of clothes in here. you guys have a lot more
12:12 pm
shopping ahead, right? >> man, been up since 6:00, been doing this for six hours now. i'm going to eat and go back at it. >> reporter: going to repower. thank you, guys. good luck. clearly people are spending history. the question is, how is this going to all turn out at the end of what is going to be about a month-long, very important holiday shopping season. >> before you lets yo your frie go, ask them -- do your friends have a budget in mind for this holiday snow and are they planning to spend a little bit more than last year? >> reporter: i feel like nathan does. i don't know about alicia. do you guys have a budget, and are you planning to spend more than last year? >> well, i haven't spent a cents. it's all her. whatever she wants to do. >> wait until she starts asking you for your credit card, by the way. >> as for a budget -- no. no budget, this is new york city. you've got to go with the flow. if you find something. they're all great deals. >> reporter: all right. only the good deals. we're advising people to keep on
12:13 pm
the lookouts becau because deal be histoere all season. don't spend on the credit card, it won't be pretty. if the stores do well, the hiring is going to pick up. we learned macy's hired 65,000 seasonal workers. that is very good for this economy. best buy hired 20,000 seasonal workers. each of them want to keep a couple thousand workers as full-time workers if the spending this season is what they expect. they expect to see a pickup. i guess you guys are doing your part in trying to help the economy. have fun. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. back to you. >> poppy, terrific. say good-bye to your new friends for us, and thank you, as well. >> reporter: i will. let's gets a market check from the new york stock exchange. getaway day friday. we're a little better. we're in better shape here. we were in triple digit loss territory. earlier this morning, we're off of session lows, down 83 points. the nasdaq at last check is down
12:14 pm
six. things are getting better. my professor at berkeley asked me if i wanted to change the world. i said "sure." "well, let's grow some algae." and that's what started it. exxonmobil and synthetic genomics have built a new facility to identify the most productive strains of algae. algae are amazing little critters. they secrete oil, which we could turn into biofuels. they also absorb co2. we're hoping to supplement the fuels that we use in our vehicles, and to do this at a large enough scale to someday help meet the world's energy demands. yes! yes! yes! yes! [ laughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] you know her.
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12:16 pm
some sfrefriends up near sand p. morning temperature was 19 below zero, and they run boats. still in boats when it's 52 degrees below freezing. honestly. rain in the northeast. snow up here in buffalo and also toward watertown. we do have lake-effect snow advisories in effect for places like the south towns of buffalo and the like. you know where you are. not so much buffalo proper, but places to the south. here's new york. 28 -- there's augusta, 21, 28. there's 28 right there. i don't have any airport delays, tony. it's weird because when you have rain like they have and wind, you expect airport delays. >> look at that. >> nothing reported. but you here's the rub. only 4,800 planes out here. i say that not in jest. on a normal friday, there should be about 5,600. i'm not sure whether the airlines canceled flights because they never even filled up and they never were going to book them, or were people not -- sitting on the ground and although they're not delayed, they don't have a plane. you know, it's different. the weather service and the faa,
12:17 pm
they don't always kind of match up all the time when it comes to, oh, 45-minute delay here and there. there's no delays if the plane's not leaving. the plane is not delayed. it's literally canceled so it doesn't count. here are the morning lows. look at palmdale, california, down to 21. all those people with the rubber trees outside and then tomatoes still growing, yikes. santa maria at 30. santa barbara, 33. downtown l.a., a little bit of insulation from all the buildings and the concrete around from yesterday. a little sunshine. 42. but that is one cool morning for a lot of folks there. we'll fly you back to the west because this is where the west -- the weather's going to be the worst. from watertown through buffalo back into sault ste. marie and back into ironwood. you'll see snow. back up here, farther to the northwest, a completely different system. but snow in the mountains east of seattle, all the way through rain into portland. if you don't have to get very far to the east to get the snow, they've already had almost ten feet of snow in tahoe. another two to three feet to go. so -- >> fresh pow-pow.
12:18 pm
>> if you're ski information to hoe, if you got there, you are having a ball. if you're stuck trying to get there, you're not having much fun. >> no fun at all. i don't know if you had an opportunity to get a little of the "cnn hero" show. a terrific show. i want to run it in its entirety. the terrific performance last night from that guy. john legend, right? >> yep. >> that's the rapper kommon. and who's the young woman? one of the kids on the floor will know. the young woman singing with him last night. this was a terrific performance. we're going to run it in its entirety in a couple of mints right here in the cnn newsroom.
12:19 pm
12:20 pm
time for the "the help desk." joining me carmen wong ur rick, personal finance officer. ryan mack, author of "the optimum capital management." glad you're here so we can ask you a couple of questions. forrester alan, illinois, who writes, "now you that i've assembled a diversified portfolio, how to i withdraw fund when i need cash?" >> we need to worry about when we do before we diversify a portfolio so we never have to withdraw the cash. when you have 50% stocks and 40% bonds and 10% cash, that is your asset allocation that you should have to maintain ideally for the duration until you want to take money out when you start retiring. you have your six to nine months living expenses? do you have have insurance, state plan in place, do you have a budget to exist consistently, put money into the portfolio every single month. again, also talk to your tax adviser, financial adviser. be aware of the tax rimifications, even if you're -- ramification, even if you're 59 1/2.
12:21 pm
you can live off that in your distribution years. >> and leave everything else alone. the next question from jason in ohio, "how can you find lenders that will loan money to people with bad credit?" whether do you say, carmen? >> you got to be careful. you don't want people who take advantage of you. depend on what you're borrowing for and how bad your credit is. say you're going to buy a car, he wants a car. a dealership, dealer financing, is probably the best option. banks and lenders may not want to lend to you. a secured card is great because it works location a debit card and builds credit as you go along. but it's going to cost you more. if you live in a community, parts of a union, go to your community bank or credit union. they're more likely to lend to you because they know you and you're part of the community. >> it's better if they have that personal at bud there. thank you very much for being here. do you have a question you want to get answered? e-mail us any time to ♪ i hate suburbia and the bourgeoi-sie ♪
12:22 pm
♪ but i really love my bank ♪ i hate-- didn't quite catch that last bit. i said i really love my bank. right... is there a problem ? it's not really raging, man. uh, we were hoping for more raging ? well, you said write from the heart. yeah... don't do that. at ally, you'll love our online savings account. named the best of 2010 by money magazine. ally. do you love your bank ?
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12:24 pm
hey, little baby, hello. we've got the macy's holiday parade stepping off in portland right now. baby's on the walk, watching floats go by. the holiday tradition in portland is this parade, and it is happening right now. just got pictures in. wanted to show them to you. black farmers were excluded for decades from usda loans and assistance. now the senate has approved $1.5 billion to fund a settlement as much as $50,000 for each victim of rieshl bias. mean -- racial bias. many black farmers are getting back to their roots. organic farming. stephanie elam explains in our "the what matters" segment. >> reporter: in a tight economy and with federal funding sometimes tough to get, some black organ elk farmeic farmers
12:25 pm
struggling to stay afloat. bobbi graham knows firsthand. she runs a farm in jacksonville with her husband, hilton. >> even when i was growing up, the black farmers didn't get the same attention that other farmers got. and i haven't seen any changes in it even up to today. >> reporter: graham took matters took matters into her hand, getting help wherever she could. >> when i was told no, that there wasn't a certain grant, i kept going. i visit my county agency and i took a certification class in savannah, georgia, through saafon. >> reporter: the south african farmers organ elk network offers resources for black farmers to maintain their businesses. >> the organization came about really as a request of farmers who were interested in becoming organic. and not knowing how to go about b going through thoe certification process about the
12:26 pm
programs available, the funding that's available, about the training that's available. >> reporter: growing organic produce came naturally for many block farmers. >> historic low and culturally when you go back -- historically and culturally when you go back and look at african-americans in the agricultural industry, a good many of what was called conventional farmers at that time were actually growing organically. with the use of cow manure and et cetera. the reason for that was another economic reason. they couldn't afford to buy the soil amendments. >> reporter: the grants' perseverance has paid off. they say they're able to operate their farm better. >> we have the opportunity to give quite a few people in our community jobs. and we have a number of wonderful clients down on the east coast. our customer knows that we not only grow good produce, but we try to make sure that they can afford it. so in this economy, i think
12:27 pm
we're doing pretty good for the size this we are at this point. >> reporter: the grahams are expanding their business, supplying to restaurants and farmers markets. but they say their job is not done. >> i want to be able to have my farm developed to where i can hire more people so i can have better facilities. i think i deserve that chance. i want to have a well-developed farm. just like everybody else does. >> reporter: stephanie elam. cnn. >> to read more pick up "essence" magazine. roger, let's get back to the pictures from the macy's holiday parade in portland. we've got a band up now. we'll be back in a moment. [ female announcer ] it's the ultimate surf and turf event, happening right now at red lobster.
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taking a look at a couple of top stories -- throngs of black friday shoppers hitting the stores today. an estimated 138 million are expected. and the man police call the honeymoon killer had been arrested. a grand jury in alabama indicted him in her death. his newlywed wife died while sexual abuse bea di --
12:31 pm
scuba diving. north korea's warning of being on the brink of war with south korea comes as the u.s. is set to start military exercises with the south. follows the shelling of a south korean island. four people were killed in the attack. the minority said noerminority was responding after south korean war game shells landed in its waters. technically the two nations are still at war after an 1953 truce. they are separated by a heavily armed demilitarized zone. we have more. >> reporter: glares, scowls, and sneers. the most loyal of north korea's troops serve here on guard at the demilitarized zone that splits north from south. back to back with u.s. and south korean soldiers, separated only by a 16-inch concrete line. if you cross it, the consequences could be deadly. that's north korea and we're looking at north korean soldiers on the other side.
12:32 pm
marching away from us. marching away from the military demar indication line. they're so close, we could see the expressions on their faces. stern. at the dmz, it's all about being macho. south korean soldiers, six-feet tall, wearing shades march out to position themselves opposite their enemies. filling the cuffs of their pants with ball bearings to sound more intimidating. cameras perched on north korean guard towers track our every move. the u.n. command cameras on the south korean side eyes the other side, too. a north korean soldier trains his binoculars on us. while another peeps through a window, then abruptly withdraws. this is a north korean people's army building. you can identify it by the silver structure. the blue ones over there are actually representative of the u.n. buildings. but as we've been standing here,
12:33 pm
the north koreans are actually going behind the curtains. every so often they lift them up and take a look at us. it's actually humorous. we're standing out here filming them. and they're outside locking at us. they're looking -- >> take a look. >> reporter: and the north korean soldiers aren't the only ones watching. a chinese group visits on the other side, filming us as we film them. while the hard stares and tough guy poises were apparent, what's also striking is a parallel atmosphere of casualness. despite the standoff, the two sides do occasionally talk, and when they do it, it's in this building called t-2. the most interesting thing in this room is actually this table. you can see a line sort of runs right through the middle of it. and the most fascinating and exciting thing about being here in this otherwise ordinary room is that this is the south. but when i step over this way, cross this line, i'm in north
12:34 pm
korea. and if i open this door here, which i can't because south korean and american troops are guarding it and protecting us, we'd go straight into the arms of the north korean military on the other side. north and south korea are still officially at war. a peace treaty's never been signed. the troops here would be in the front line of fire in a battle were ever to break out again. there are fears that if north korea tests a nuclear bomb, it will set off a nuclear arms race in the region of south korea and japan, making the region and the dmz even more dangerous. cnn, washington. and still to come in the cnn newsroom -- wolf blitzer. like you have never seen him before. ♪ >> this is good stuff. he is out of the situation room and doing the dougie. what's her advantage? it's speedy alka-seltzer!
12:35 pm
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12:38 pm
so we all know wolf blitzer has all kinds of swag. even i wasn't ready for his performance at the soul train award. kelly carter joining me with what's new in entertainment. i'm telling folks wolf literally stole the show. and let's understand this. there were -- you can run down the list of names. there were big stars in the house. >> absolutely. absolutely. you have -- you know, oscar nominees terrence howard -- >> howard -- >> anita baker. ron eisley. r. kelly. but it was wolf blitzer -- >> eric bonet? >> absolutely. >> he gave a terrific performance. describe this for folks. we think wolf going to come out, read something. he's going to do some spin on
12:39 pm
the "situation room." what happens? >> you know, wolf blitzer said that he wanted to learn how to dougie. so what better thing than to actually bring up -- >> what is the dougie? >> it's a dance that i will not embarrass myself and do right now on cnn. >> you were preemptive with that, by the way. >> exactly. exactly. you know, he got up and had dougie fresh -- >> my goodness. >> teach him how to dougie. it was an amazing moment. >> am i overstating it by saying it was the most -- hey. hey, got video of yours truly. am i overstating it by saying it was the moment of the show? >> it was the moment of the show. that was a pretty big moment to have. >> it was. the b.e.t. award -- wait a minute, the soul train awards on b.e.t., this sunday. >> this sunday. >> at 9:00. >> at 9:00. you got to tune in and seawolf get down. >> wolf -- on and see wolf get down. >> wolf steals the show. update us on charlie sheen. >> craziness. the adult film star -- porn
12:40 pm
actress, let's call it that. gave an interview. short low after the interview, charlie sheen files suit against her saying that he actualy -- that she tried to extort him for $1 million. saying she wouldn't talk if he gave her $1 million. she says that he threatened her and, you know, threatened to kill her. so we'll see what the d.a. says. criminal charges have not been filed against charlie sheen yet. but he has, you know, filed that extortion suit against her. >> all right. okay. give me something that you're going to watch this weekend. something to watch this weekend. >> okay. >> in entertainment. >> okay. how about faster -- >> just don't say "the notebook." "faster? >> the new rock movie. it's excellent. this is his return to actiona. not a lot of dialogue, but you he kicks butt in the film. "burlesque," pretty good. i think it's going to come out on top this weekend. >> great to see you. >> you, too. >> good to have you in atlanta instead of la-la. let's do this more often. if you want more information on entertainment news, things breaking in the world of
12:41 pm
entertainment, you can get it on "showbiz tonight" at 5:00 and 11:00 on hln. kelly, cnn "heroes," an amazing show. okay, amazing show. the top ten heroes, fantastic. all of them doing extraordinary work. this guy -- you were to talk about a show stopper. i den see it coming. >> yeah. john's amazing. >> john legend in this performance from "cnn heroes: an all-star gala." we'll run the performance in its entirety in a couple of minutes.
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
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a thanksgiving proclamation from the president, part of the best political team live from the white house. and ed, it is good to see you. happy thanksgiving weekend. and let's start with what's crossing for you right now. well, you know, you mentioned this proclamation. it's interesting because you can find it right now at report, our new white house blog. it seemed like a noncontroversial thing, the president extolling the virtues of thanksgiving, pretty much every president does, it's a tradition. but in politics, anything can become controversial. and rush limbaugh you is criticizing the president over this proclamation. oh, boy is right, saying, look, that the president was too positive in what he was saying basically about native americans when the president said that they showed compassion and
12:45 pm
characteristics that there were contributions from native americans as a bountiful feast and whatnot. his telling of thanksgiving. well, rush limbaugh was saying that the president made the pilgrims out to be sort of -- incompetent, the bad guys. it turns out if you go back, media matters, a group has gone to 1981 when ronald reagan gave a thanksgiving proclamation. said pretty much the same thing upon and extolled the-vir tours -- the virtues of native americans. it shows almost anything in politics, even a thanksgiving proclamation, can be controversial. and the other topic is the situation in the korean peninsula. north korea saying that we could be on the brink of a war. you had the south korean president the last couple of days avowing possible retaliation against north korea. now the president back on -- couple days ago had called south korean president li to calm the situation. we're being told by administration officials we can expect the president to call president hu of china as early as today, tomorrow, some point in the next couple of days.
12:46 pm
the key there is that there are a lot of administration officials who believe that china may be the only country here that can sort of be a middleman and go to the north koreans because of their ties and break through and calm the situation, which has gotten very tense. >> it really has. ed, i understand in her latest post, sarah palin is making fun of the president and the media. what's this about? >> well, she's upset because show did a radio interview a couple of days ago with glenn beck as i recall. she said that we need to stand with our north korean allies. >> yeah. >> not our south korean allies. look, it's amerci verbal mishap. we make them on live radio, tv. she took to facebook and laid out some of the president's mistakes. why doesn't the media make more of that? in 2008 you'll remember he once talked about visiting all 57 states. instead of 50 states. and she's got all kind of lenks to other things -- links to other things she says are mishaps. she links to youtube videos that
12:47 pm
are like doctored videos of things the president didn't really say as a candidate. things that didn't really happen at debates. sort of some things where people took liberties on youtube. not everything she links to as her evidence is, shall we say, accurate. >> you're right. it's live television. it's live radio. it happens. ed, good to see you again. >> you never know what's going to on -- good to see you. >> have a great weekend. your next political update coming in one hour. for the latest news, go to another look now at black friday shoppers. neither rain nor cold nor dark of night could keep determined shoppers from lining up early. so just how much are shoppers expected to shell out? the national retail federation predicts about $447 billion will be spent this holiday season. this black friday alone retailers expect to do about $41 billion in business.
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
if it is hot on the web, we are watching it for you with you. sandra endo is in washington with what's trending. obviously the hot topic in social modia has to be black friday. what are folks say being it? >> reporter: absolutely. it's hugely trending today because everyone's on line looking for those special deals. and masses are out at the stores. but the traffic is huge in cyber-world. check it out. there are so many deals to be had. typically all the webastrophic on cyber-monday coming up -- web traffic is on cyber-monday coming up. sales are starting early this year. and analysts predict there will be a 9% to 16% increase in online shopping this holiday season. as opposed to the 2.3% increase
12:50 pm
in crowd at the stores. so everyone is basically, you know, trying to get a good deal. and sometimes you can get a secret deal or extra coupons if you're following certain stores on facebook or twitter. there are things you want to think about to stay safe on lion. you know, look out for the restocking fees. don't use public wi-fi. don't wire money when you're going to pay. this is a huge story trending on line., and on twitter. >> and this next story you have it -- is really a tough one, isn't it? >> reporter: this is so tragic. the number-one store on right now. a tragic story. a fatal prank in vermont. and it involves a 24-year-old man who was shot the to death by his friend who wanted to wake him up by using an air riflea a joke. it turn -- rifle as a joke. it turned out the rifle was real, and the man was shot in the chest and died. the shooter, his friend, was charged with manslaughter. >> wow. and the last story is interesting because we were --
12:51 pm
we were all concerned that there might be all kinds of problems as folks are trying to get through tsa screening to get on flights and to get home for the holidays. >> reporter: that's right. >> so there was one woman who took an unusual approach to this. correct? >> reporter: that's right. talk about extremes. i want to see you to this one, tony. take a look at this video. it's trending on right now. a girl wears her bikini to go through the tsa screening at lax airport. look at her there. she leaves little for screenings to imagine, that she could possibly be hiding anything dangerous. do we have sound -- >> if they want to try and see what i've got hidden in my bikini, they're welcome to. >> reporter: oh, boy. the woman says she wanted to get through the screening without the hassle and was afraid of the stiffer regulations. >> that's it. that's a fine american right there. trying to make life easier for everyone this holiday season. sandy, have a great weekend. thank you. retailers are waging war for
12:52 pm
your business. cnn's karen kaefa reports. let the toy wars begin. >> reporter: full steam ahead into the holiday shopping season. the wishes of little people mean big business which means lots of retailers want to be players in the toy game. >> if you don't want to be in it this time of year, you don't want to be in. it. >> reporter: the national retail federation says nearly 42% of holiday shoppers have toys on their list. and despite an expectation they'll part with more green this year, retailers still believe price is key. >> we'll have more than 4,000 toys on sale at walmart between our stores and the idea is to be the price leader. >> reporter: at this walmart in alexandria, virginia, shelves are stocked with items topping early wish lists from "oratory story" to lego's. along with rivals, they'll have competition from toys 'r' us. in the toy business year-round. and after opening 90 seasonal
12:53 pm
pop-up stores last year, they brought back the concept and then some. >> we liked what we saw. this year we're opening over 600 express stores in malls and shopping centers. our objective is to make it even more convenient to shop at toys 'r' us. >> reporter: as for the season's must-have item, whatever it is, shoppers will go searching. >> there may yet be that sort of dark horse that comes on and becomes the "it" toy that kids are going to hold their breath and parents will pull their hair out trying to get. >> reporter: because toy fad come and go but holiday memories can last forever. we actually have a lot of scientists that play music. the creativity, the innovation, there's definitely a tie there. one thing our scientists are working on is carbon capture and storage, which could prevent co2 from entering the atmosphere. we've just built a new plant to demonstrate how we can safely freeze out the co2 from natural gas. it looks like snow. it's one way that we're helping provide energy with fewer emissions.
12:54 pm
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a simply amazing performance by john legend. at the "cnn heroes: an all-star tribute" show. i saw it live in los angeles. man, i want you to enjoy it. it is my thanksgiving treat to you. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ wake up everybody time for thinking ahead ♪ ♪ the world had changed so very much from what it used to be ♪ ♪ there is so much hatred war and poverty ♪
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